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Kolmar is looking for partners in the South Yakutia to establish an Equipment Repair and Agribusiness Development Hub

According Sergey Tsivilev, General Director of Kolmar Coal Mining Company, the Company is currently attracting investors. Potential investors willing to finance the construction of an equipment repair hub needed for the implementation of agribusiness projects in the Nerungri District of Yakutia will be rendered access to the Company's infrastructure.

«We are inviting prospective partners. We need to establish a repair hub to service mining equipment, surface mining, road-building and construction machinery," said Sergey Tsivilev speaking last Monday at the Sochi Investment Forum.

According to Mr. Tsivilev, the Company has prepared a 300-hectare site in the territory of the Denisovskiy Coal Complex especially for this purpose.

«We have already developed the first 50 hectares of the site. We have created an integrated infrastructure. The site has heat, water, electricity supplies as well as sewerage, a railroad and a highway," said Mr. Tsivilev.

He also suggested to allocate part of the site for agribusiness enterprises. Though the proposal is currently being discussed with Japanese partners, the Company will welcome Russian businesses as well.

«Today absolutely all agricultural produce is shipped to the district. We could use the site to build a large number of greenhouses. We can arrange a heat supply to keep them warm. Though we mainly mine coking coal, we also extract power generating coal, which means we can produce cheap heat in our district and establish effective agricultural enterprises," said Mr. Tsivilev.

He stressed that currently the Company employs more than 2 thousand workers, 90% of whom are men, while their wives have no employment opportunities.

«But then there is agriculture. We will welcome and support all enthusiasts. Let’s develop together! At the initial stage we could, as a minimum, meet our domestic needs, while creating a ground for the development of the Russian Far East. Unfortunately, today South Yakutia is largely underdeveloped. We have to deliver absolutely all goods from Kuzbass," said the Company’s General Director.

He emphasized that it takes a whole month to deliver goods and supplies, and that the final cost is 30% higher because of the transportation expenses.

According to the released reports, Kolmar is planning to build a mining equipment repair plant on the site of the Denisovskiy Coal Complex. It is also on the Company’s agenda to establish a surface mining equipment repair hub in Chulman.

By the spring 2017, the Company will embark on a drilling project to access mineral water on the site of the Denisovskiy Coal Complex. The Company is also planning to build a resort for its employees and implement a multidimensional social policy.

The Group of Companies Kolmar comprises coal mining, trading and logistics companies. Its subsidiaries have licenses for the development of the Chulmakanskoye and Denisovskoye fields with the estimated combined coal reserves of over 1 billion tons.