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«Kolmar» intends to invest 28,4 bln. rubles into coal projects in Yakutia - Corporation for the Far East Development

«Kolmar» group of companies total investment into coal mining and processing complexes «Inaglinskiy» and «Denisovskiy» located in Yakutia is evaluated at 28,4 bln. rubles, as the Corporation for the Far East Development media service reports.

This amount of investment is provisioned in agreements signed on Tuesday between the Corporation for the Far East Development and JSC «GOK Inaglinskiy» and «GOK Denisovskiy». The agreements provide the two mentioned companies with the resident status of the Priority Development Area (PDA) named «South Yakutia» (founded in the Neriungry region of Yakutia).

The companies are implementing construction projects of the mining and processing complexes for coking coal production and washing to receive coal concentrate on the Neriungry region territory. Both projects were initiated by the «Kolmar» group, uniting companies which all together form a unified cycle of coal production, processing and transportation on the Far East.