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The best engineers and drivers of the “Kolmar” company

On the eve of the Miner Day a new tradition was laid by the collective of the MPC Inaglinskiy of the Kolmar company. Here for the first time held a competition of professional skills, that will be annual since this moment. Machinists and drivers fought for the victory, mining coal in the open mining area. They competed in the professionalism and skill of driving multi-ton equipment

After the theoretical test, 25 participants came to the final, who took part in non-standard practical trial. They demonstrated slalom on heavy-duty dump trucks and pinpoint possession of quarry equipment. Competitions were held at the industrial site of «MPC «Inaglinsky», which in the near future will become the site for the construction of a new factory «Inaglinskaya-2».

As part of the jury, skills of the participants was assessed by Artem Levin — Deputy CEO — Operational Director of the «MC «Kolmar» LLC, Valerii Goriavchev — Director of the MPC «Inaglinskiy», Marianna Durzina — HR Director of the «MC «Kolmar» LLC, Viktor Stanilovskii — Head of the Neryungri district, Irina Podmazkova — Il Tumen councilman, Konstantin Arslanov — Head of the Southern Mining Engineering Department of the Lensk Office of Rostekhnadzor, Iuliia Zeman — Head of the staff development department of the «MC «Kolmar» LLC.

Before the start Artem Levin congratulated all participants on the Miner Day, wished the victory to the strongest and suggest next year to hold professional skills competitions together with the «Yakutugol» company.

Directors, colleagues and families were cheered up for the participants. Every performance was greeted with stormy applause, with cries of support and with delighted exclamations. Drivers of dump trucks showed figure skating on the coal trucks, carefully, without knocking down the marking chips, parked, backed up into the conditional box, passed the «snake» and braked at the finish line at a distance of no more than 10 cm. Bulldozers showed the «snake», stacked the blade on a small curb, drove the soccer ball with a dump into a metal basket, gently pressured the egg with a huge canine, without damaging the glass on which it was installed. The most difficult was the obstacle course for front-wheel loaders. With a conventional yoke on the ladle, with buckets filled with water, they showed the «snake», stacked the rocker on a special rack, took the bucket ball and from the maximum take-off threw the ball into the basket, then gave the bucket an egg on the glass and came to the finish line. Excavators had to play football with a bucket, fill the glasses from a bottle fixed on a ladle, hammer a nail, carry buckets of water and install them on small pedestals. The speed and accuracy of the tasks were assessed. Following the results of all the competitions, the names of the winners and prize winners were named.

In nomination of «The best driver of the EKG-5A earth mover»:

3rd place — Oleg Maklakov,
2nd place — Evgeniy Rudik,
1st place — Ivan Dudnik.

In nomination of «The best driver of the BelAZ 7540 dump truck»:

3rd place — Sergei Sergeev,
2nd place — Sanzhar Alimov,
1st place — Artem Gorchakov.

In nomination of «The best driver of the BelAZ 7547 dump truck»:

3rd place — Andrei Nesterov,
2nd place — Aleksandr Kaigorodov,
1st place — Vladimir Dubrovskii.

In nomination of «The best bulldozer operator»:

3rd place — Sergei Suchkov,
2nd place — Aleksandr Vorobev,
1st place — Konstantin Emelianov.

In nomination of «The best front-end loader operator»:

3rd place — Evgenii Kabakov,
2nd place — Aleksandr Sorokin,
1st place — Andrei Pestriakov.

In nomination of «The best hydraulic excavator operator»:

3rd place — Evgenii Golenitskii,
2nd place — Stepan Kuznetsov,
1st place — Igor Klimenko.

With the Miner Day and convincing victories of employees of MPC «Inaglinsky» congratulated the head of Neryungri district v. N. Stanilovsky. He thanked the best drivers for their skills, popularization of the mining’s professions and an excellent example for young people.

Winners received medals, diplomas and cash awards from the «Kolmar» company, certificates and memorable gifts were presented to all participants.

The special prize of the head of Neryungri district v. N. Stanislavsky «For the will to win» was awarded to Alexander Morozov. A special prize of BelAZ was awarded to Vladimir Dubrovsky.

The collective of MPC «Inaglinsky» became the initiator of the first competition of professional skill of the «Kolmar» company. According to the director of the mining and processing complex Valery Goryavchev, the success inspired workers to expand the boundaries of competition. Representatives of other sectors and professions intend to fight for victory in the next year. Contests will become more difficult, and rewards are weightier.