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Kolmar was founded in 2004 and is a large group uniting industrial companies for the production and processing of coking coals located in the Neryungri District of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The balance reserves of Kolmar exceed 1 Bt of coal, the majority of which is represented by premium quality coking coals.

LLC Managing Company Kolmar is:

  • a major contributor to the economic stability and infrastructure development of the Russian Far East driving social and economic growth in the region;
  • engaged in the largest investment projects in the Far Eastern Federal District implementing an ambitious program for the construction of modern ore mining and beneficiation complex using public and private partnership instruments;
  • the largest employer in the region giving confidence in the future to thousands of professionals and workers;
  • committed to social responsibility through participation in projects aimed at supporting educational establishments, youth sports, young talents, youth movements, etc.;
  • committed to behaving in a environmentally sound and sustainable way through application of international best practice and by rigorously adhering to the applicable environmental laws in the process of coal mining and beneficiation across its operations.
Our core activities

The core business of Kolmar is development of stone coal deposits in South Yakutia and efficient production and processing of stone coal. The balance-sheet reserves of Kolmar amount to over 1 Bln tons of coal, the vast majority of which is represented by premium quality coaking coals possessing a unique set of physical and chemical properties.

Kolmar incorporates production and processing capacities, open-pits and underground mines, coal washing plants, sales and logistical units. Also, Kolmar is participating in the project for the construction of a coal handling terminal in the Vanino District of Khabarovsk Region (Vanino port, Muchke Bay).