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It is necessary to establish links between all PDAs in order to achieve a many-fold increase of economic benefit from their work

It is necessary not only to develop the priority development areas (PDA) individually, but also to think about their interaction in order to enhance the economic effect of their work, says the General Director of Kolmar Coal Mining Company, Sergei Tsivilev.

"If we establish links between all the PDAs, the economic effect for our country will increase exponentially. I would like to communicate more with colleagues from other PDAs. For example, I enjoyed visiting the PDA in Khabarovsk; I talked with the residents of this PDA. To jointly sell their products, we are entering into long-term contracts so that the electrical equipment that they produce need not be imported from abroad, but rather from Khabarovsk. It's a very good thing, and I think that we may have many similar business dealings”, said Tsivilev at the Ministry for Development of Russian Far East panel on Thursday.

According to Tsivilev, that any company has found itself in the PDA has a positive effect on foreign partners.

"Of course, for them, the fact that the company has gotten into the PDA has advantages, such as tax benefits, but what is probably more significant is that this enterprise has passed all state inspections." In fact, it is a sign of quality that the enterprise is a resident of the PDA", he noted.

In addition, for the PDA to work effectively, according to the Director General of Kolmar, the development of railways and highways, as well as air communication in the Far East, is a necessity.

He also said that for the "South Yakutia" PDA project, a cluster approach was the most effective.

"And we will show this at the Eastern Economic Forum in September. Already, seven potential residents have registered with us in South Yakutia," Tsivilev said.

According to him, these are two repair and mechanical plants (for repairing mining equipment and equipment for open mining operations), an explosives manufacturing plant, a 3,500-person nutrition company, and two large contractors ready to work on open mining operations.

"For the moment, all these enterprises, in one way or another, are connected with us, but when they develop, they will be able to provide services and provide a basis for the development of the whole of Southern Yakutia," he said.