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The Kolmar Company was founded in 2004 and it is a large holding company uniting industrial enterprises for the mining and processing of coking coal located in the territory of the Neryungri District of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). The balance reserves of the Kolmar company amount more than 1 bln tons of coal, most of which are deficient premium grades of coking coal.

Stages of development



The history of the company dates back to 2003, when Neryungriugol OJSC was formed.


2005 – Yakut Coals - New Technologies CJSC obtains a license for coal mining at the “Central” section, and in 2007 at the “North” section of the eastern part of the Chulmakansky deposit.


2005 — MC Nerungriugol JSC obtains a license for coal mining in the eastern part of the Denisovskoye deposit (adjacent to the Denisovskaya mine).



2006 – As part of the privatization of the Yakutian coal-mining enterprises, a joint Sakha-Korean SP EREL LLC, which was developing the southern part of the Chulmakansky field by the open-pit mining method, was incorporated into Kolmar Company.


2007 — Purchasing of the Denisovskaya mine, the main owner of which was the EVRAZ group.



2009 – Active development of the Kolmar Group of Companies. The first stage of the Denisovskaya mine was commissioned. Development strategy was developed for all enterprises of the Kolmar Group with the allocation of the Inaglinsky MPC and the Denisovsky MPC in individual projects.


2011 — Reserves for open-pit mining at the site of SP Erel LLC were developed, and SP Erel withdrew from the Kolmar holding. Coal reserves of the Inaglinsky MPC received the maximum growth - in 2012 company has received a license to mine the reserves of the western part of the Chulmakansky deposit, and this license is the largest in terms of balance reserves of all categories (B + C1 + C2) in the entire portfolio of Kolmar Group licenses.



2015 — The second phase of the Denisovskaya mine was commissioned and a section of open-pit mining was constructed in the western part of the Chulmakansky field. Railway line from Chulbass station to Inaglinskiy MPC was built.


2016 — the commissioning of the Inaglinskaya-1 Coal Processing Plant as part of the implementation of the long-term development strategy of the Kolmar company. Power lines and substations of the Inaglinskiy MPC were built.



2017 – Inaglinskiy MPC and Denisovskiy MPC are registered as the first residents of the South Yakutiya TPD.

VTU JSC was granted the status of a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok in Vanino.


The Denisovskaya Coal Processing Plant was commissioned with a capacity of 6 million tons per year.

The construction of the Inaglinskaya-2 Coal Processing Plant was started with a capacity of 12 mln tons per year.

A new slime pit was installed at the Denisovsky Mining Processing Complex to ensure high wastewater treatment.

The company has installed the mechanized complex of the new generation “Famur”.

Kolmar Repair and Production Base has started its work.