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Employee health and safety

The safety of personnel is one of the priorities of Kolmar across its enterprises.

Health and safety measures:

  • JSC Managing Company Neryungriugol develops an annual comprehensive occupational safety and health plan, which comprises the following:
    • special assessment of labour conditions at workplaces;
    • instrumental measurements of hazardous and toxic industrial factors (production control);
    • provision of employees with special clothes, PPE, washing and decontaminating agents;
    • procurement and completion of first aid kits;
    • fire fighting measures;
    • training and assessment of knowledge of occupational health and safety rules;
    • provision of milk to employees performing operations in harmful conditions;
    • preliminary and regular medical examinations of employees;
    • provision of literature, normative documentation, posters, safety signs, visual aids to ensure safe working environment.
  • A health center and a first-aid station have been established. Employees pass regular medical examinations at the beginning of the working day (shift) as well as during and/or at the end of the working day (shift);
  • Work has been organized to conclude agreements for health resort treatment and rest for our employees;
  • All employees are insured against production accidents and occupational illnesses with the Social Insurance Fund.