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“Kolmar” held the first Brain Ring tournament

The first tournament of the intellectual game «Brain Ring» took place in Neryungri. In a fair and difficult struggle, the team «Hard Case», which included representatives of the MPC Denisovsky JSC, won this game. The winners were headed by Aleksandr Pomazan, the chief technologist of the Denisovskaya mine. Intellectual game was highly appreciated by participants and expressed their desire and readiness to take part in corporate tournaments. «We are able not only to work hard, but also to have a good rest together» — one of the participants commented on the game.

«Hard Case» team line-up

Captain of the team:

Aleksandr Pomazan — chief technologist of the Denisovskaya mine


Ekaterina Saranchuk — Safety and Production Control engineer

Ekaterina Maksimushkina — HSSE deputy chief engineer

Demid Pliushch — Head of Processing and Shipping Site

Aleksandr Sidelnikov — Safety deputy chief engineer

Aleksandr Goncharov — Safety deputy chief engineer

Vitalii Chuchko — Principal Manufacturing engineer

Iurii Berezovskii — Deputy Manager of Processing and Shipping Site