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Kolmar is Sponsoring the Orthodox Youth

Kolmar sponsored and participated in the organization of the 6th Diocesan Congress of the Yakutian Orthodox Youth hosted by the town of Nerungri on February 20-21, 2017.

Speaking to the university and high school students and working youth at the opening ceremony of the high-profile Forum of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Deputy General Director, Head of the Kolmar’s Production Department Artem Levin talked about the Company’s impressive growth rate. Kolmar, which is currently expanding its production, is in need of young qualified proactive specialists willing to work responsibly in the coal mining industry and participate in social life. Kolmar always has job openings and career growth opportunities for young proactive socially responsible professionals.

Responding to the current day challenges, the Orthodox Church held a score of events providing the youth not only with a spiritual but also professional counseling. The events were held as part of the program of the Congress. Prospective employers and delegates from the Nerungri district, where, by tradition, coal-mining professions are highly regarded, participated in the plenary session headed by Dmitry Sudakov, Supervisor of the Atlas of Emerging Jobs Project developed by the Agency for the Strategic Initiatives and took part in a role-play «The Specialist of the Future.»