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Coal preparation plant

Inaglinskaya-1 coal preparation plant was comissioned in May 2016. The production capacity of the plant is 2 Mta of coal with extension potential. The company takes special pride in the technologically advanced equipment of the plant. Russian equipment accounts for 85% of the plant.

The design solutions of the plant are developed so that the plant can be upgraded as new standards and technologies emerge. Even today, designers and civil engineers have solutions to increase the capacity of the new plant, which will be retooled to operate in fully closed cycle conditions.

The staff numbers 120 people. Our personnel have undergone special training to work at the plant. Practical training has been provided for key personnel at the best world plants.

Kolmar started construction of Inaglinskaya-2 coal preparation plant and designed Inaglinskaya-3 coal preparation plant. The design capacity of each of the plants is equal to 6 Mta of coal. Commissioning is scheduled for 3Q 2017. Once additional capacities have been launched, the company will be able to transition to producing and selling coking coals in the form of concentrate.

«We are convinced that despite all economic challenges and crises, there always exist points of growth. We not only want to develop our enterprise, but set an example for everyone that they can and must grow. The more points of growth that exist, the faster our economy will recover from the crisis».

S.E. Tsivilev