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Kolmar’s strategic superiority is the geographical location of its mining enterprises.

We are located in direct proximity to the ports of the Far East, which gives us a direct exit to transport streams with the countries of the Asian-Pacific Region and at an accessible distance from the Chinese border, which is the major stone coal consumer in the global market. The proximity of railways makes the logistics of our products much easier to the metallurgical and by-product coke plants of the Far East and Urals.

Internal logistics

Goods are shipped by road and by rail. Shipment by car not only allows us to provide raw material for the regional combined heat and power plants in a quick and expeditious manner, but also enables us to provide employment for local and engaged carriers.

Rail transportation accounts for the greater part of the traffic flow of our products.

  • Far East Generating Company — annual contracts to supply coal to the generating companies of Yakutia and the Far East.
  • Providing of local CHPPs with raw material in a quick and expeditious manner

Export logistics

The main export streams will be realized by sea. At the present moment, Kolmar has concluded contracts with the main ports and terminals.