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Geologist is a lateral, analytical and creative profession. Naturally, he should not travel to out-of-the-world parts and dwell under the canopy. Nevertheless, there is enough professional romanticism in a shaft. Chief geologist manages geological work at an enterprise, drawing up characteristics of mine fields, coal rakes and rocks, provides permanent control of the state of the mineral resources base and provision of shafts and open-pit mines with known reserves of coal and associated minerals. It is the chief geologist who prepares a feasibility study of the expediency of coal deposits commercial exploitation, takes part in the development and consideration of the projects of the construction and reconstruction of shafts (open-pit mines), preparation of new horizons, plans for mining work development, projects and schemes of development of associated minerals, dewatering and other projects connected with the mineral resource use. Therefore, the future of Kolmar Company largely depends on the competency and responsibility of the chief geologist.

Vladimir Torop