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Turner performs work on the basis of complex engineering drawings, independently selects an optimum procedure of parts processing and determines cutting modes, performs calculations, connected with fulfillment of extra complex lathe work, carries out the processing, debugging, polishing of parts with pinpoint accuracy. Being a true master, he knows various technologies, uses special lathes and their kinematic diagrams during his work, combines the processing of several sizes using one cutter, sharpening complex cutting tools. And all of this is necessary to provide for the successful and uninterrupted operation of unique mining equipment and heavy truck transport. Each turner at Kolmar Company performs very important and critical work. Therefore, he should have sharp eyesight, accurate linear and volumetric eyes, good hand-eye coordination, technical thinking capabilities, and high spatial perception and attention span.

 Competent, goal-oriented, hard-working and pertinacious specialists have real possibilities for career development in Kolmar Company.

Sergey Anikeev


«Though I can easily find a job in any sector of industry, I chose Kolmar because it is a high-tech enterprise with a new, reliable, high-performance equipment. Since Kolmar buys only advanced equipment, I have an unceasing opportunity for developing my professional expertise. I am not just an ordinary turner here. I am a specialist with solid skills in the repair of unique equipment.»