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Shaft Man

Shafting is considered the best specialty for true men. He is  well-qualified to operate various equipment, is involved in making shaft tunnels (mine roadways), drills wells using mechanical drills, various types of perforators, pneumatic crowbars and self-propelled drills. In case of necessity, he can also use a pick hammer. Shaft workers erect all types of props in roadway entries; install falsework plates and reinforcement bars, clean up the roadway entries from spilled rock, and so on.

Only physically strong and long-enduring people can work as shaft workers. Shafting tools are as heavy as lead. For example, a perforator weights 35 kg, a pick hammer weights up to 15 kg, and a belt with a light battery weighs about 6 kg.

All tunnels are laid in strict compliance with an approved plan. To avoid errors in calculation, shaft workers should have good image memory, perfect eyesight and accurate motion coordination.

Discipline to work in extreme working conditions: all shaft workers have enhanced responsibility, prompt reaction to alarms, sensitive hearing and impeccable observational capabilities. These qualities help in emergency situations.

Igor Prudkoglyad

Shaft Man of Denisovskaya Mine

«I am a drift miner, or, rather, I am a pioneer, because my team mates and I are the first people to go down the shaft. Success of the subsequent coal mining largely depends on us-no drifting, no coal. When you realize how much depends on you and that you cannot fail your fellow miners and management, you try to do your best each shift.»