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Operator of Rock-Removing Machines

Operator of rock-removing machines services underground machines that break mine rock (coal, heavy material) and load it to a conveyor, is responsible for correctly aligning the minerals excavation process and the technical serviceability of mechanisms. He is well-versed with the arrangement and technical characteristics of mining machines and mechanisms, as well as rules of their operation and maintenance, understands elements of mining, knows the methods of horizontal and sprag roadway construction in different conditions. Personal qualities such as physical stamina and power, good eyesight, coordinated movements, good image and long term memory, mechanical intelligence, as well as observational capabilities, patience, discipline and responsibility are also important for the operator. This helps cope with important work, which is the basis of mine operation.

Dmitry Dazhin

Operator of Rock-Removing Machines

«A winning machine operator is the most important and honorable professions in mining. That is why we are respected, get the same wages as engineers and enjoy excellent employment benefits. This is very important for a breadwinner taking care of his family.

Being an employee of Kolmar, I know I have a secure future. The coalfield we are developing has enough coal to last for decades and supply our current and future generations. When you have a good job and get a good paycheck, you can manage any sort of problems with ease.»