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Mining Surveyor

Mining surveyor is a rare profession, may be said, a single one. Mining surveyor is an underground navigator; he lays the future routes for miners, performs geodetic measurements and markings, manages surveys and measurements of underground and open-pit mines, territory of minerals and construction sites. Quality of work of shaft workers, constructors and others depends on the quality of his work. He provides directions for mine roadways, controls mining workings, rational use of balance mineral reserves, fulfillment of scopes of mining operations, as well losses during extraction.

Viktor Zakharov

Chief Mining Surveyor

When I say, «I work for Kolmar as a mining surveyor,» people look at me with respect. In the unique climatic conditions of the Extreme North and the Yakut mountains, we are working on the largest industrial construction sites of the Russian Far East-the Inaglinskiy and Denisovskiy Coal Complexes, which means that miners' efficiency and safety depend on us. Our mission is to perform our duties developing rich local natural resources professionally and responsibly adding a touch of romance to everything we do.»